Feinstein School

In 2008 Melville became a Feinstein School, one of 270 elementary schools in Rhode Island who participate in the Feinstein Good Deeds program.  Melville students record their good deeds and other acts of kindness that make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Mr. Feinstein awards grants for projects Melville undertakes to help better their communities and those in need.  For more information about the Feinstein program visit feinsteinfoundation.org

Important News From Alan Shawn Feinstein

To our Feinstein Jr. Scholar Parents:
Below is a copy of the back page of the Jr. Scholar Journal we will be giving your youngster this year in which to record their best good deeds.  We also welcome any of their good deeds you might want to send to me at my email address: asf@feinsteinfoundation.org (along with your child’s name and school) for me to announce on my TV show Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am (and other times scattered throughout the week) on RIPBS 36/Cox 8.  RIPBS has promised to continue my show until at least 2021 which means they will likely go into reruns of them in the years ahead.  So many of your children’s good deeds I speak about will likely also appear in the future.
If your children should lose their new Jr. Scholar card this year that I will be bringing with me when I visit their school this year, just ask the principal for a replacement or you can get it by sending me a stamped self-addressed envelope with your child’s name and school to me at: 37 Alhambra Circle , Cranston , RI 02905 .
If your youngster has not yet received their new Jr. Scholar card, they can get one right away at theRoger Williams Park Carousel Village and ride the Carousel for free, as well as get free popcorn and face painting and, with that card, they and a guest can also visit the Botanical Gardens free.  These are just a few of the free opportunities on their Jr. Scholar card.
Because of their good deeds, Our Jr. Scholars now have schools named after them in both Africa andSouth America . That’s something I don’t believe any other children anywhere have – quite impressive to be able to say when applying for college or a job.
Thank you for encouraging your children in their good deeds and in making a positive difference in the world.
Sincerely yours,
 Alan Shawn Feinstein

Please read the following copy of the back page of your child’s Feinstein Jr. Scholar Journal, which I’ll be giving out in my school visits this year.  It will show how much being a Feinstein Jr. Scholar can benefit them now and in the future and, even your grandchildren!


Feinstein Jr. Scholar Back Page Important news…    

We have no control on how long the free offers on your Jr. Scholar card will last, so call the places on it before to be sure your free admission offer is still in effect. 
We have over $20 million in scholarship money at Rhode Island colleges for our Feinstein Jr. Scholars. We cannot guarantee anyone a scholarship – the colleges make that decision. But you should be sure to mention on your college application that you are a Feinstein Jr. Scholar - that should give you a leg-up on getting a scholarship.
Even when applying to a college out-of-state or when applying anywhere for a job, be sure to mention that you were a Feinstein Jr. Scholar and helped spearhead the Feinstein National Campaign to fight hunger.  If the person you’re talking to doesn’t happen to know about us, just tell them that it’s the most successful on-going campaign ever to help the needy and they should tell their local non-profit agency helping the hungry about it so they can share in our funding.  That should help your application for a job or college anywhere! (As well as the news of the two schools named for you in other countries).
And SAVE this Journal to pass on to your children someday for them to save, too, and pass on to their children, and so on! THEY ALL can BENEFIT FROM IT by putting on a Feinstein Canned Food Drive in the fall for their school or food pantry, which will make them Feinstein Jr. Scholars, too – so they can say they are when they, too apply to college or for a job someday!...
Visit my website from time to time to see our latest news.  And visit YouTube - Feinstein Kenya - to see a great video of the Feinstein Jr. Scholar School in Kenya , Africa that was named for you for your good deeds. Some day, I hope you might even visit it.  And watch my TV Program – Our Great Kids on PBS every weekend and also on YouTube.
Keep up your good deeds helping people in need, my great Feinstein Jr. Scholar, and teach your younger brothers, sisters and, later, your own children to do the same.  Remember, every time you do something good for someone, you make the world a better place.  And that makes YOU a very special person…
You are very dear to me and always will be.  Take care of yourself and your family.  You will always have a very special place in my heart.
Your friend,
 Alan Shawn Feinstein